Tips on telling to buy a new laptop as needed

Buying a laptop at an affordable price, specifications according to needs, and good quality are the initial considerations before deciding to buy a laptop. The most important thing is to adjust the capacity of the laptop to suit your goals and budget.

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There are many types of laptops on the market, such as Netbooks, Notebooks, and Laptops themselves. Understand the different specifications between these types of laptops. The following is a general description of the difference:

  • Netbooks, screen sizes of 6-13 inches, do not have high specifications, there are only middle to lower class processors. Another feature, there is no DVD ROM.
  • Notebook, the screen size is 13.1 inches, the specifications offered are accommodating and almost equivalent to a normal PC, there is a sufficient processor, the hard disk is large enough in capacity, and equipped with DVD-ROM.
  • Laptops, having a 18 inch larger screen size, are heavier. However, the more difficult it is in the future to differentiate laptops from notebooks, because notebooks are regenerating from laptops today.

The most common use of laptops in everyday applications is for standard office activities. For this activity the type of laptop Performance Standards is most suitable for use. This standard laptop is only used for standard computing needs, such as Office applications, email applications, network connection support, browsing, music, and video. Supporting hardware is also standard and does not allow it to run work as high-performance laptops do.

This type of laptop is suitable for users in carrying out office activities with standard programs such as email, music and video players, and also the office. Also suitable for students to use it as a browsing need and other standard applications and standard gaming. After understanding the types of laptops above, the next step is to buy according to your needs. Here are a few things to consider:

Tips on Buying a New Laptop

Actually, new laptops have quality and standard specifications from the factory. You don’t need to doubt that. The consideration is to buy a new laptop and adjust it to your needs. This is related to the price of the laptop itself.

Some of the following tips can be your guide in buying a laptop:

1. Buy a Laptop in accordance with needs

First of all you need to ask, what exactly do you really need right now in purchasing a laptop. You need to know what you want, the laptop will be used for what. Therefore, let us consider first 3 division categories of laptop usage needs as follows:

•        Laptops for offices and lectures

Office work needs and lectures in their duties intersect with all files both for making letters, papers, presentations, financial calculations, and others, especially relating to the type of office work. Maybe you also use listening to music, games, and opening the internet shopping. This type of work does not need a laptop with high specifications.

•        Laptop for Graphic Design

Graphic design needs require high laptop specifications. This work is always associated with graphics, color, photo editing, brochures, and others. Some applications that require high memory such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and the like you need to consider. The use of laptops for this type of work is always in contact with multimedia so it requires high processor and memory specifications.

•        Laptops for Games or Gaming

Using a laptop for gaming activities requires the most memory. Game activities are heavy games with a longer level of time, require stable system performance, clear and sharp display quality.

2. Understand Laptop Types and Brands and Their Reputation

Types of laptops are very diverse, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality in it to find the right laptop choice. Customize the type of laptop taken with your budget and with all kinds of application needs in it. Each type of laptop with various brands in it usually has a reputation for use. You can compare these reputations by reading the many testimonials circulating on the internet.

There are many brands on the market such as Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, Dell. Consider the reputation of the brand, for example, Toshiba is famous as a durable laptop and has a longer service life than other brands. Asus has the best service and so on.

3. Pay Attention to Warranty and Service

Warranty and more service guarantees that your laptop is comfortable to use without worrying about future problems. For example, Asus laptops, dare to guarantee up to 2 years. Dell, when your laptop is damaged it will be replaced with a new one. In addition, when buying a laptop you need to ensure the availability of service centers.

4. Pay attention to resale price and bonus availability

You need to find first the type, brand, or laptop that has the selling price of the return is not too far away, if you someday want to sell it back and buy another new no significant loss. You need to pay attention to bonuses to get additional benefits.

5. Check the condition of the laptop and special specifications connectivity

Before leaving the store you need to check the condition of the laptop first, whether there is a disability or not. Note the connectivity on USB, HDMI, LAN, Wifi or Hot spots whether the position is available or not. Don’t forget when you buy a laptop to try it on the spot so that if a problem occurs you can immediately get a solution.