Best Sunglasses Style For Summer 2021

Choosing a great brand isn’t the only thing you should look at when buying your new pair because trends change and they might not have the shape you want. You can always go with classic models as Ray-Ban has but people tend to bring new shapes every year. It also depends on individual preferences so if they like Chloe Sunglasses, it may be a great choice.

If you ask a professional, they will tell you that every face has a type that will suit them. It’s not necessary to know because you can ask them when you are making the purchase but it is useful when you are ordering online. Summer is the time when people are buying them the most and where companies try to bring something new to the table.

Aviator Is Still Trending

Even if they became popular a long time ago, they are something that sticks and never wanes in popularity. They’ve been through every phase, once considered vintage and now worn as prescription glasses. There’s no doubt that some big starts had an influence like in the movie Top Gun where aviators gained our attention.

The name came from the pilots that used them and bring a classic look that can be used on any occasion. If you want to get them, there are a few things you should look at. Try to find colored lenses and a gold frame and quality matters here the most because colors can be easily scratched off when they are low quality. Find more information here: 

Top Bar Glasses

One thing that you should know about the top bar model is that they are meant to be seen as part of your style. Another interesting thing is that they are a bolder version of aviator design. Because they need to be a little bit different, manufacturers made many forms and designs while putting an emphasis on those nose bars.

Don’t worry if you are struggling with what to wear because nowadays it’s more popular to follow the trend instead of checking if they are for men or women. Metal is the material you want to go which brings a stronger look but other materials aren’t bad at all. You would want to try them on because the bar needs to fit properly on your nose.

Nineties Models

Britpop era is finally back and anyone who qualifies as a millennial will need to learn what was worn in those days. Fringe haircuts and parka jackets are a must-have while pairing them with some nineties sunglasses. This design suits men more which was luxurious at that time with a London street style.

Even if it is hard to bring something positive from that time, people found a way by choosing more colorful models. Titanium frames with orange and blue mixed are well-known from that period. You can also look for some oversized styles that can look cool depending on your face shape. The more color you have the more unique you will look.