3 reasons why your basics don’t work for you

Over the last years, we’ve heard “capsule wardrobe” and “must-have basics” so often that they became some type of buzzword in the fashion world, used by bloggers to assure us that if we dress up in white t-shirts and straight jeans we will undoubtedly become some sort of young Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio. But now that you’ve all the necessary things, your style might still not look any better and for some reason your basics don’t work for you. Today we’re going to discuss why exactly it happens and how you can make them compliment your features.

Reason 1: You Choose the Wrong Basics

This simple reason is very often the exact cause of so many of your failed outfits, especially when it comes to men who are new to fashion and they try to do everything by the book. Take a close look at your closet and examine the things that you’re not wearing: they might be made of the wrong fabric, they might not be your exact size, or maybe you just bought them because some fancy influencer told you that you absolutely need them despite them not fitting you at all. Some of them might not be suitable for your lifestyle, for example if you’re a construction worker you probably don’t need the same three pairs of trousers that someone with a corporate job. There are a few garments that you need no matter what: some neutral t-shirts, quality wool sweaters as these I found online https://www.tarairishclothing.com/collections/mens-knitwear  , a good pair of jeans, a coat or a jacket, so you should focus on these instead.

Reason 2: You Don’t Create Contrast

Even if you have the right basics, sometimes your outfits don’t look as good as you’d expect them to because there is no contrast, whether in color or proportion. The golden rule is to avoid pairing together tops and bottoms that are both either loose, or well-fitting. For example, if you pair some loose pair of jeans with a big and chunky sweater and an oversized coat, you risk not obtaining the casual elegant look that you’re going for. Instead, change your jumper for a fitting cable knit Irish sweater and you’ll get a more refined look. Same thing goes for colors: if you want to create a monochrome outfit, that is totally fine, but make sure to choose the tones correctly so that you won’t end up with a look that is actually made of three shades of black.

Reason 3: You Don’t Accessorize

The last reason why you may struggle to make your basic clothes work for you is that you’re ignoring the most important part, the accessories. In fact, your basic outfits should serve as a blank canvas that you can use to create both formal and casual looks. Just like the clothing, there are a few staple shoes and accessories that you should add to your wardrobe: the classic wristwatch, a leather belt, a high-quality leather bag or backpack, as well as jewelry, if you’re someone who fancies wearing it. Match the sweater and jeans combo with some dressy shoes and the belt and you will immediately get a more sophisticated and put-together look.